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Piling is a reliable way to form deep foundations that bypass weak soil for the firm strata underneath. This creates enduring strength with suitable load-bearing qualities. JPD Piling & Groundworks Ltd provides this service throughout Kent, Surrey and London, including the key service areas of Sevenoaks and Bexley. Our piling contractors inspect soil conditions to deliver the right solution and carry out all piling work from start to finish. This efficient process lends the support your project needs.

Piled foundations provide a range of benefits beyond long-term stability. It also requires no excavation work, which means less chance of a delay. Piling comes in many forms too, such as sheet, driven and secant.

Whether you need concrete piles in Sevenoaks or CFA piling in the Bexley area, our piling contractors manage the entire process. We even assist with planning advice, delivering great customer care at every stage.

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By taking extra care during the planning phase, our piling contractors guarantee the right technique to suit your needs. Below, we look at some of our primary piling methods.

Sheet Piling

Perfect for earth retention, flood defence and marine projects, sheet piling can create either a temporary or permanent barrier. You might see it used as a cofferdam or even as a means to add stability to basement walls. This process forces metal or concrete sheets into place, interlocking them to form a complete wall.

We can adapt the design of the wall to your requirements, ensuring staff can operate safely within the confines of the barrier.

Concrete Piling

This type of pile comes in one of two forms; either precast prior to installation or cast-in-situ. Our piling contractors can apply concrete piles to highways and other construction projects, and may suggest precast concrete as a way to spread the weight of the structure in watery subsoils.

Pre-cast concrete piling uses a rig-mounted hammer for speedy installation. Cast-in-situ piling is more traditional and often works best for property builds of a large scale.

Driven Piling

Made from either precast concrete or steel, driven piles are great for residential projects across Sevenoaks, Bexley, Kent and Surrey. These come in a range of lengths of up to 40 metres and compact the soil around them to prevent subsidence. As an added benefit, they are highly cost-effective and quick to install – allowing the next stage of development to start as soon as possible.

Contiguous and Secant Piling

While contiguous piles create a watertight retaining wall, secant piles deliver a secure environment for excavation purposes. Both types of piling may be seen in built-up areas, including Sevenoaks, Bexley and the surrounding regions. We maintain world-class techniques throughout the installation of secant and contiguous piling alike.

Speak with our piling contractors to discuss your project, the use of CFA piling or the range of additional services we offer.

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