Foundation Installation in Sevenoaks,
Bexley, London, Surrey and Kent

Foundations are vital to the long-term condition of homes and commercial builds across the UK. Without the right support, the property may sink or lurch as the soil beneath if shifts. Here at JPD Piling & Groundworks Ltd, we provide the care needed to ensure this doesn’t happen. Our groundwork contractors bring over six decades of experience to foundation installation, having achieved success across with projects over a wide service area. Although based in Bromley, we lay firm, reliable foundations from Sevenoaks and Bexley to London, Essex, Surrey and Kent.

We don’t just lay a concrete slab and call it a day. In truth, foundation installations demand a great deal of planning and decision making. It involves assessing both the site and needs of the upcoming build, before pressing onward with the ideal foundation method. No matter the size of the home or commercial premises, we deliver the right solution every time.

Foundation Installation | Starting Your Build on the Right Footing

With reliable foundations from a trusted team, you can expect your new build in Sevenoaks, Bexley or the neighbouring regions to stand tall for many decades. Please contact JPD Piling & Groundworks Ltd to discuss your foundation needs. Our groundwork contractors deliver the full process, from excavation up to the dampproof course.

Why Are Foundations So Important?

Each build needs a foundation that bears the load of the structure above, transmitting the weight into the ground without compromise. This could prove difficult in soft or wet ground conditions, in which case your foundation installation team will be able to plan accordingly. Additionally, the foundations must anchor the property and prevent damage from ground-based moisture.

A firm set of foundations will also keep your build in Sevenoaks, Bexley, Kent or Surrey safe as time goes on, even if the soil around it settles or shrinks – a process referred to as subsidence.

The Foundation Services You Need

Shallow foundations come in various forms. We can build strip foundations that act similarly to individual footings, transferring the load above to the ground underneath. Our groundwork contractors also lay raft foundations that spread the weight evenly across a wide surface area, working much like a raft on the ocean. This type of foundation proves ideal for poor soils like clay and peat, and features less pressure than other methods.

Trenchfill foundation installation is also common in Sevenoaks, Bexley and the surrounding areas. We create a large trench that we then fill with concrete. This is often best for environments with loose soil or a high water table.

Beyond footings and foundations, our groundwork contractors can also provide the deep foundations needed to support even the largest of superstructures. Please visit our piling page for more details.

If you need foundation installation in Sevenoaks, Bexley or the neighbouring Kent and Surrey regions, call 0208 4673555 or 07541 040847.


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