Concrete Underpinning
in Bexley, Bromley, London, Surrey and Kent

If the foundation of your building has settled, shifted or become unstable, it’s likely you need to invest in concrete underpinning. At JPD Piling & Groundworks Ltd, our piling contractors and groundwork contractors bring a high level of expertise to their underpinning work. They work to fast turnaround times to bring solidity to your property, whether based in Bexley, Bromley, London, Surrey or Kent.

Contact us if you want to arrange underpinning work for your property. You’re also welcome to read our testimonials or view our previous work page to get more of a flavour of our work as piling contractors and groundwork contractors.

High-Quality Underpinning

Concrete underpinning is a process used to strengthen and stabilise the foundations of a building or structure. It requires the excavation of soil underneath the foundations before replacing it with concrete and any additional supporting materials. This prevents further movement or collapse of the structure.

All underpinning from JPD Piling & Groundworks Ltd starts with a site visit to determine the necessary works. We take care of the job from start to finish for your pleasure and convenience. We will provide you with a comprehensive quote for this service so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Before we start any underpinning work on your property in Bromley, Bexley or the surrounding areas, we check for any services that could be damaged from the underpinning. An engineer and a building inspector will inspect the bottom of the foundations to determine whether it’s safe to carry out the underpinning on them. Once approved, any projecting portions of the existing footings are carefully cut off where necessary, and the underside of the footings is cleaned of any dirt, soil or loose materials before underpinning.

The underpinning is carried out in short sections of approximately 1 metre in length. It uses a 1:2:4 mix of concrete and is cast to the required widths unless otherwise specified by the engineer. Excavation and concreting of any underpinning shall be done on the same day. However, it won’t be started until at least 48 hours after any adjacent sections of work are completed.

The mass concrete is stopped off 75mm underneath the existing footing. The final pinning up over the whole of the footing uses a 1:3 mix of cement to sharp sand and dry pack mortar and is well rammed in 24 hours following the pouring of the mass concrete. The sides of the previous underpinning bays are roughened or keyed.

We will keep a record of the specifications of your concrete underpinning. This will include:

  • Sequence and Dimensions

  • Excavation Details

  • Casting Concrete Details

  • Pinning Up Details for Each Section

As professional groundwork contractors and piling contractors, JPD Piling & Grounds Ltd staff members hold Level 2 NVQ qualifications in substructure work and specialist CSCS cards. We’re qualified and experienced in using drills and excavators so that we can do all underpinning work to the highest standards. This service comes with a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee.

Call JPD Piling & Groundworks Ltd on 07732 342 786 for professional concrete underpinning in Bexley, Bromley, London, Surrey or Kent.


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