CFA Piling in Bexley,
Sevenoaks, London, Surrey and Kent

Designed to provide structural support in great time, CFA piling is often the perfect choice for deep foundations. The process is highly efficient, helping to keep projects on track and to the budget agreed. At JPD Piling & Groundworks Ltd, we undertake CFA piling for clients from various commercial sectors and even domestic property owners. From Sevenoaks to Bexley, and from London to Surrey and Kent, our piling contractors deliver a one-stop service.

This in-situ method of piling lends support at a cost-effective rate. With professional care from an experienced team, you can rest assured that your deep foundations will prove suitably load bearing for a safe structure that complies with current regulations.

CFA piling is often used for the following:

  • Highways, tunnels and other infrastructure

  • Structures built on various soil conditions

  • Bridges and similarly complex builds

  • New property builds in busy environments

  • Earth retention near adjacent properties

  • Deep foundations below the water table

  • Flood protection and more besides

As piling contractors with a reputation in Sevenoaks, Bexley, Kent and Surrey, we perform CFA piling only when it’s the best solution to your needs. Please get in touch to arrange for a site visit from a member of the team.

CFA Piling | A Safe, Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Option

Typically quicker than the bored variation, CFA piles involve specialised equipment that removes the soil and fills the hole in a single move. Below, we look at the process as well as its numerous benefits.

How It Works

CFA piling is achieved by rotating a stem, known as a continuous flight auger, through the soil to the correct depths required. Our piling contractors pump the concrete through the hollow stem, filling the hole while the auger’s removed. This process forces the soil to ground level, which we then clear away. At this point, we move a concrete cage into the cement to create a reinforced subsurface structure.

With a quality assurance program and a focus on health and safety, we perform this service with the greatest of care. Thankfully, CFA piling is already one of the safer piling methods available for your project in Sevenoaks, Bexley or the surrounding regions.

What Are the Advantages?

CFA piling involves low levels of vibration and is far quieter than alternative piling methods. It’s economical, provides excellent load-bearing capacities and stands as a perfect choice for areas of limited space. Additionally, the CFA technique does well to resist lateral and compressive loads and achieves a depth of up to 32 metres. You also won’t need any temporary casings or support systems for your project.

Our piling contractors often recommend CFA piling in Sevenoaks, Bexley and the surrounding areas if there’s a high water table or certain ground conditions. This includes gravel, silt, sand, clay and soft rock.

This is just one method available, however. We also carry out sheet, driven and secant piling, to name a few. As such, we always have the perfect solution to suit groundwork and foundation needs.

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