CFA Piling in Bromley from the Area’s Groundwork Contractors
A Brief History of Piling

At JPD Piling & Groundworks Ltd, our talented piling contractors and groundwork contractors offer a range of services to our customers in Bromley and the surrounding areas. This includes:

  • Shallow and Deep Foundation Installations

  • Bulk Excavation

  • Drainage Systems

  • Driven, Sheet and CFA Piling

  • Concrete Underpinning

All services are delivered in line with your budget and schedule.

Sheet, driven, secant and CFA piling stem from techniques started long ago. See below for a brief look at the history of piling, then contact our piling contractors to discuss your need for groundworks, foundation installation, concrete underpinning and more in the South East.

The Origins of Piling

Studies show that piling may date back to the 4th Century CE when villagers would use piles to lift their properties over a lake. Not only did this keep their homes dry, but it also helped to give them a better view in case of an attack. It’s also believed that Roman engineers would use piling when building around the sea.

Although these ancient techniques differ from the CFA piling, groundworks and deep foundation installations we perform for our Bromley clients, this was only the starting point. Engineers would then use driven piles to create bridges over the Tyne and Thames rivers – something you might expect of piling and groundwork contractors today.

The Most Famous Piling in the World

Few examples are quite as enduring as Venice. The entire city was built over a lagoon with heavy wooden piles. These would then petrify due to the sediment and lack of oxygen, creating sturdy results that continue to keep the city afloat to this day. Even though we’re unlikely to build another city on the water, Venice reveals just what piling contractors can accomplish.

Modern Builds

Groundworks, foundation installations and piling have come a long way in recent years. CFA piling is a quiet process used for projects across Bromley and the surrounding areas, while sheet piling works to prevent shifting volumes of soil. Through the advancement of technology, our groundwork contractors can deliver the best option for every soil condition – no matter the weight of the above house, bridge or superstructure.

It’s worth noting that while timber once ruled the piling industry, concrete is now far more common. This is because concrete remains firm against poor soil and damp conditions in the Bromley area and provides extreme load-bearing capacity.

Dealing With Modern Soil

The last thing you need is for your foundation installation to shift due to subsidence. A sinking property will only make it unfit for use, so it’s vital you choose piling contractors who will plan accordingly. Skilled as groundwork contractors, we check soil conditions and perform driven, sheet, secant, contiguous or CFA piling where suitable.

Environments in Bromley with a lot of clay or fine-grained soils might need driven piling instead of other techniques. Our groundwork contractors guarantee long-term success by taking great care in our planning for piling and concrete underpinning.

If you need CFA piling or traditional foundation installation in the Bromley area, call 07732 342 786 and speak with our groundwork contractors.


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