Foundation Installation in Bexley
Why Our Groundwork Contractors Recommend Professional Piling Services

Most people give little thought to how the buildings around them take form, or about the role of groundwork contractors. While they might think about the look of the interior, they rarely consider the work that goes into engineering the load-bearing support. At JPD Piling & Groundworks Ltd, we do exactly that. Our piling contractors know their CFA piling from their driven and cast-in-situ piles but also perform traditional groundworks, concrete underpinning and foundation installation in Bexley and the surrounding areas.

So what makes piling so vital to construction, highway, marine and infrastructure projects across the UK? Read on to find out. Alternatively, you can speak with our groundwork contractors for a quotation, to receive professional guidance or discuss the services available.

Perfect for Poor Soil

CFA piling, precast concrete and driven piles are often the most suitable options for weak soils in the Bexley area. This is because such a weakness can greatly impact the groundworks or foundations over time. As experienced piling contractors, we consider the best methods to work around aggressive soil types, giving your project the right piling for long-term success.

A Timely Service

The last thing you need is a delay due to the wrong type of foundation installation. Our groundwork contractors appreciate that no one wants a delay, especially when under a tight deadline. As such, we work quickly to undertake CFA piling, concrete underpinning, drainage preparation and more in most weather conditions. Driven piling proves especially useful when time is of the essence in the Bexley area.

An Eco-Friendly Choice

Although most piling is permanent, sheet piles are easy to remove and recycle as needed. In turn, your construction firm does its part for the local environment. It’s also worth noting that piling in general uses fewer materials than traditional foundation installation, serving as a more environmentally conscious process.

A Reasonable Cost

CFA piling, driven piles and sheet piling provide results without pushing the budget further upwards. As trustworthy piling contractors, however, we also believe in performing all foundation installations and general groundworks at a fair price. For this reason, clients across the Bexley area can rely on us for cost-effective piling and more when on a relatively tight budget.

No Deep Foundations

Groundwork contractors should aim to deliver the proper foundation installation and associated groundworks in line with HSE guidelines – and sometimes there’s a technique that lets you avoid risks altogether. Piling removes the need for deep foundations, in turn eliminating concerns relating to contaminated groundwater and physical labour.

Contact Us for Piling, Groundworks and Foundation Installation

Situated in Bromley, our groundwork contractors provide a broad spectrum of services across Bexley and the neighbouring areas. This includes:

  • Bulk Excavation

  • Drainage

  • Driven, Sheet, Concrete and CFA piling

  • Concrete Underpinning

  • Additional Groundworks Services

Unlike similar piling contractors, we welcome enquiries from local home and landowners who may benefit from our broad service range.

Regardless of your needs, we provide groundworks, foundation installations, and more with a keen eye for high-quality results and always adhere to the safest industry best practices.

For foundation installation, CFA piling, groundworks and more in Bexley from the renowned piling and groundwork contractors, get in touch on 07732 342 786.


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